Become a Member of READING HYDRO CBS today

Membership, costing a bargain £1, allows you:

  • To show your support for sustainable energy generation and the local community
  • To stay in the loop with what we’re doing
  • A vote at our AGM
  • A say in our decisions and our direction as a Society
  • An open welcome at all our members’ meetings and Action Evenings

To become a member is easy, you’ll need to:

  • Be enthused about Reading Hydro and support our objectives
  • Respect the confidential nature of business decisions of the Society
  • Pay £1 to apply to become a member OR
  • Invest directly into the Society by supporting one of our Share Offers

If this is something you want to do (and why wouldn’t you?) simply contact us directly, putting ‘membership’ in the subject headline.