Festive Fundraising Cards Available Now – Limited Edition

We’re excited to announce that you’re now able to reserve and get your hands on our Reading Hydro Festive* cards.

Just fill in the reservation form here

If you indicate how many you’d like, we’ll be able to get back to you to confirm the availability, cost and the best means we can get them to you locally in Reading.

We have a batch ordered so they will be available from the 1st of December.

Many of us live locally and enjoy cycling and walking,  so if we’re not able to find a local event, spot to exchange them, we may even be able to deliver to your door.


  • Individual – £1
  • Packs of 5 – £4
  • Packs of 10 – £7

All profits will go towards the development of Reading Hydro Community Benefit society, enabling us to cover some of the cost involved in taking the project forward.

They’re blank inside so can be used for any occasion and come with either a bright Kingfisher blue or Poppy red envelope. On the back is a reference to Reading Hydro and thanks to supporters.

So get your orders in quick!

And while we’re on that, another HUGE thanks to one of our wonderful volunteers – Nicky Johnson Designs – for helping to design them

*after all a card isn’t just for Christmas…… they’ve been left blank inside so can be used for any occasion.

Oh and don’t forget the upcoming all things Science, Tech, Hydro and…. Things…… Seasonal Gathering on the 12th of December from 7pm at Walkabout

Christmas Party and Festive Cards – 7pm Tuesday 12th December

Reading Science & Tech Meetup Groups Christmas Gathering – Tuesday 12th December 2017

We’ve progressed a long way this year, down to the help and support of so many wonderful members, friends and family, so what better excuse to get together to celebrate? Oh yes and Christmas is coming….

As part of Reading Hydro’s aim is to grow awareness of the scheme and the joy of renewable Hydro energy, we’re teaming up with a whole host of other Science, tech and startup groups around the Thames Valley for an evening of sharing, learning, merriment AND a themed Pub Quiz on the evening of the 12th of December.

So get the evening of the 12th of December in the Diary and join us upstairs in Walkabout from 7pm.

Special Edition Reading Hydro Festive Cards

It’s that time of year again, time to get the pen out and reconnect with friends and family all over the world in a good old handwritten personal style. Reading Hydro are delighted that this year we will be offering Festive Cards (with a not to subtle Reading Hydro theme of course).

All profit from the sale of these will go to the development of the Community Benefit Society and growing awareness of the scheme which is voluntarily run. 

We’d like to get an idea of demand and numbers to order (as this can also lower the cost). So if you think you’d probably buy a few or more*, then it would be great if you could let us know – either in the Facebook group feed or email Erica directly by this Thursday (23rd of November).

We have the draft design (by Nicky Johnson Designs), however this may be tweaked.  The inside is blank. We expect the cards to cost £1 or less and discounted when buying more.

*Indicating how many you may buy does not commit you to having to buy them,  but will help us get a feel for numbers and we can make sure you’re notified when they’re available at the beginning of December.

What Could Reading Be Like In 2050?

Reading 2050 was established in 2013 by the School of the Built Environment, Barton Wilmore and Reading UK CIC to deliver a strategic, long-term vision that will support the delivery of Reading’s legacy of a truly smart & sustainable city. 

The Reading 2050 lecture series  was recently launched at the newly opened Thames Lido,  as a platform to further some of the visions created and the potential around these.

As you can imagine Reading Hydro are excited to see sustainability and energy such a key focus alongside connecting this with “smart, so also recognising the potential possibilities linked with integration of Iot and opendata (bottom up and top down) to support a more sustainable Reading.

As with so many sustainability initiatives, it is important to make sure considerations on technology and the surrounding infrastructure are made alongside that of the community and the environment.  As well as this, all with a view to the longterm. This is similar to Reading Hydro, where we are looking at both the short and longer term steps to bring hydro electricity generation to the river Thames at Reading, considering:


Integrating building up further knowledge, education and resources for schools on renewable energy generation, through data, sensing and communication. In collaboration with The Things Network Reading and open commuication and collaboration with the local community and organisations.


Showcase sustainable renewable energy production via practically doing! Alongside this, improving the local biodiversity by an enhanced fish and eel pass, as well as increasing care for the area by our growing supporting hydro  community.


Exemplify a sustainable Community Benefit Society business model that both pays for itself and is able to support the community projects through supplying funding.

Back to Reading 2050 Public Lecture series and highlighting two of the talks we’ll definitely be attending: 

Public Lecture Series
  • The Future of Energy in Reading on the 16th of November
  • Climate Change and flooding in Reading: Current and future risks on the 14th of December

Perhaps see you there, to work on Readings’ sustainable future, or one of our other meetups?


All Things Hydro – Field Trip – 10am Sunday 29th October

One of the aims of Reading Hydro is also to be able to provide useful and educational data and resources to the local community (and wider).

We’re excited to be linking up with The Things Network Reading to start to explore opportunities to do this at the site, that then may be integrated into our website, a dashboard and perhaps even have live visible data at the lock.

If you’re interested to support or find out more, then join us this Sunday, the 29th of October at 10am down at Caversham Lock for our first Field Research Trip to explore possibilities as well as identify challenges.

This will be followed by coffee and planning close by in Caversham. We’ll confirm where we end up to those that want to join later on our twitter feed – @rdghydro

If you are interested or have ideas already in how IoT can be applied to a community hydroelectric project (or even want to find out more about the Internet of Things or Hydro electric generation) then please join us – the more the merrier !

You can also indicate if you’ll be joining here so we know who to look out for.