Support  Funding Our Early Stages through Donations

Alongside the thousands of volunteer hours that Reading Hydro is built on, from our Directors, members and wider supporters, as an early stage startup we are also in need of vital funds to pay for a number of front end costs before we open up our community share offer, such as:

  • Publicity Materials – Posters, signage, leaflets, website running costs
  • Educational Resources – Developing supporting material for schools and wider  community engagement
  • Administration – business cost, legal, accounts, application cost
  • Planning – developing the detailed engineering planning

We’re also applying to related grants and trusts, but all donations and financial support is much appreciated.

Every drop does matter!

A Great Opportunity to Donate Locally in Reading UK

You can either:

  1. Giving a one off donation 
  2. Setting-up a standing order 

Just fill in the contact us  form or email us directly [email protected] if you are interested in any of the above and we’ll send you over our details.

We’d also be happy to profile, organisations or businesses who support and are aligned with our values.

Many thanks from all of Reading Hydro CBS