Get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved and we’re an extremely open and friendly group!

You can

  • Join as a member or stand as a Director
  • Attend one of our regular events  and monthly meetings  and join in with making decisions and planning action.
  • Share  knowledge and experience – we have three broad working groups: publicity, finance and technical that directors coordinate and members and can participate in. However,  you don’t need to have any specialist  knowledge in these areas to get involved.
  • Help raise awareness of Reading Hydro

Current key areas of expertise that we’re in need of support with include:

  • NEGOTIATION: Contract negotiation for a variety of building, contractual and partnership needs
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING: Insight and experience in building development, price estimations, concrete needed etc
  • LEGAL: Contracts, liability, advice
  • FINANCE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Additional support in managing the planning and financing of the project
  • WEB & DIGITAL: Website review and development support, data integration

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