News from the October Meet-up

The October Meet-up was exciting, with news about technical design updates and a timetable for construction beginning to take shape as well as plans for opening investment opportunities.

Planning has been granted for two parallel Archimedes screws at the site. Total output would have been 46kW but remarkably OFGEM have said that we can increase our generation capacity and we are looking for a local consumer to partner with as the grid cant cope with increased generation. The more the scheme can produce, the more local community sustainability projects will benefit.

Revenue will come from selling the electricity generated, either back to the grid or to private customers. Feed-in Tariff (FIT) has been agreed, allowing reliable income forecasts. We have also found local customers who are seeking green energy to power their businesses. Selling the power locally is a great way to move Reading towards their renewable energy targets.

Now the path is open to look at starting the installation of the scheme and we are hoping to commence construction in late  spring of 2020.

In order for work to  start, funds will need to be raised. Very soon investment opportunities will be announced. We are currently investigating ideas for advertising in and around Reading and communicating the chance directly to members the moment the opening date is set.

The meeting was a fun brainstorming session, plus the excellent work already done by the teams have given us plenty of new ideas for the campaign and its promotion. Keep your ear to the ground and watch this space.

Parade with Pride to our Picnic

What better place to catch up with the people of Reading Hydro than to parade and then picnic together in view of the hydro site?

Reading Hydro PrideThe Reading Pride Parade is an annual opportunity for anyone in the area to show their support of equality and diversity. Reading Hydro will join this family-friendly event to celebrate diversity within and around us. We’ll have music and laughter, and you can even sing and dance along if you fancy it. It’s a great chance to get to know each other and learn more about the project.

11am Saturday 31 August 2019

Meeting outside Metro Bank at Broad Street Mall. Look out for our banner.

Ending by the Pride event at Kings Meadow riverside, below Caversham Lock

Reading Hydro will also have a stall at the Pride event, featuring our scale model and some water toys. Please do volunteer to support the stall for an hour or two, even if you don’t know a lot, as it really helps to have several people at a time.


On arrival we’ll picnic near the river. Bring your own food, which you are welcome to share (vegan food is the most shareable). You can also buy lunch at the Pride Marketplace, and bring that to join us.


Join us for a Summer Picnic by the Thames

What better place to catch up with the people of Reading Hydro than to picnic together in view of the site? As part of Wild About Reading, we’re getting outdoors for an after work picnic.

6pm Tuesday 30th July

Kings Meadow riverside, below Caversham Lock


Bring dinner and drinks and if they are veggie/vegan to share, so much the better. Being environmentally inclined is increasingly influencing many of our eating habits, though do eat whatever you like.

Water Fest Success

Some of the Reading Hydro Team at Reading Water Fest 2019

A continuous stream of interested people stopped to talk to us at Reading Water Fest on Saturday 15th June. Many signed up as new members of Reading Hydro.

David’s beautiful scale model of the technology option focused people’s interest and discussion. We look forward to our next opportunity to talk with local people, at Meadows Day on 6th July at Clayfield Copse, Emmer Green.