Volunteer With Reading Hydro

Reading Hydro is an ambitious and exciting project and we always have space for skilled and enthusiastic volunteers.

There are opportunities to stand as a Director or to join a particular team, such as Publicity, Fundraising, Technology or Project Management.

Our team of Directors hold the legal responsibility for the project, and each look after at least one of the focused teams to ensure the project can meets its aims.

Reading Hydro Focused Teams

Our four main teams are focused on the following areas:

  • PUBLICITY & COMMUNICATIONS: Our Comms team looks after all things related to the public-facing aspects of the project. This includes all our marketing strategies, content design (both physical and digital) and our educational outreach. We’re always after more support in this area!
  • TECHNOLOGY & CIVILS: The technology team is responsible for all features of the hydro system and fish pass. This includes research and design options through to technical evaluation of potential systems and any associated civils works. If you have relevant experience in this area, please get in touch.
  • FUNDRAISING & LEGAL: The fundraising team looks specifically at all opportunities to raise capital through grants, share offers and donations. They also manage the legal aspects of raising funds and running the community benefit scheme. We’re currently looking for help in contracts for our upcoming civils work.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION: A good project has strong, effective project management and our dedicated admin team looks after everything related to membership, project documentation and board meetings. If you’re a dab hand at paperwork, then you are most welcome to join our team!

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas:

  • NEGOTIATION: Contract negotiation for a variety of building, contractual and partnership needs
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING: Insight and experience in building development, price estimations, concrete needed etc
  • LEGAL: Contracts, liability, advice
  • FINANCE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Additional support in managing the planning and financing of the project
  • WEB & DIGITAL: Website review and development support, data integration

We’re also looking for volunteers who would like to support us in building our community online and on the ground during our upcoming Main Share Offer.

If you feel you can help with any of the above, please get in touch using our contact page or email us directly