Our Site Location

You can find our site on the River Thames in Reading, UK, by Caversham Weir and View Island. A few metres wide, our hydro-electric turbines will operate in view of the public footpath that crosses the weir. When construction has finished, we will be open to all to visit including local schools, universities and community micro-generation groups from all around the country.

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Address: View Island, Caversham Weir, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8BP

Coordinates: Latitude 51.46146, Longitude -0.96502

Walking Directions from Reading Train Station:

Exiting from the North Entrance, head along Trouper Potts Way towards Vastern Road. Turn right towards the roundabout, crossing over onto Napier Road (past Thames Water and Reading Bridge House). Take the first left onto Kings Meadow Way, and follow the road past the Thames Lido to the Thames Path. Cross Caversham Lock onto De Bohun island, and follow the path across Caversham Weir. You will see the site location just before you pass the wooded boundary of View Island.


If you’re paying us a visit, please be respectful of the local environment on View Island and the River Thames – it is a precious resource and habitat for the wildlife of Reading and we wish to co-exist positively with our neighbours! Some of the amenities local to our site include:

  • Thames Lido: the wonderfully restored historic open swimming baths are just beside Caversham Lock, and include spa facilities and a fantastic restaurant for all your leisure needs. Find out more here.
  • Whittington’s Tea Barge: Operates between March – October; fancy a cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake? Whittington’s will be very happy to accommodate you by the Thames and the Reading Bridge. Find out more here.
  • Christchurch Meadows & Hills Meadows: Our site is located next to two of the three parks in this part of Reading, the Turbine House visible and accessible from the Hills Meadow car park off George Street.
  • Kings Meadow: On the other side of the Thames? Kings Meadow is a wide open park with the Thames Path running through it and past the Tesco Extra at the end of Napier Road. You get a wonderful view and photography opportunity of our site just in front of Caversham Lock.