What is Reading Hydro?

Reading Hydro Community Benefit Society Ltd
is a community hydro-electric scheme designed
to harness the power of the River Thames

Our aim is to build twin Archimedes screws beside Caversham weir and create a renewable source of energy in Reading. Construction is expected to begin in Summer 2020, with turbine commissioning taking place towards the end of the year.

What makes up Reading Hydro?


We are a community of people who share a common purpose – to create a locally-owned community asset and ensuring a more sustainable future for the people and Reading. We meet as members, volunteer our expertise and participate in local events to spread the word on clean, sustainable energy.


Reading Hydro CBS is a business, seeking investment through our share offers and generating income for our investors by selling cleanly-generated electricity made from the Thames to our customers. As a Community Benefit Society, we plan to reinvest our profits back into the community in the form of grants.


We are a technology- and science-led company, supported by experts in a range of power generation and sustainability fields. Our cutting-edge turbines will provide open access data on river flow and conditions. The new fish pass and local environment improvements


Reading Hydro wants to use our asset to promote and share the benefits of renewable energy with the local community. We will be creating online education tools about hydro power and hosting visits of local schools to our site, for talks about clean energy and environmental conservation.

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