Invest in local renewable energy

The Reading Hydro project will provide an opportunity for individuals to invest in a reliable small scale renewable energy source. Contact us so you can be kept up to date with developments and investment opportunities.

4 Replies to “Invest in local renewable energy”

  1. Good Morning,

    As an investor in the Donside Hydro project I’d like to invest in the Reading Hydro project as well.



    1. Hi Richard, apologies for the slow reply – technical issues. We’d be delighted to invite you to invest when the time comes. Would you like to become a member so you can find out about project progress and potentially become involved? If so, do please come along to one of our events to sign up. Next one is the AGM next Tuesday evening 4th July. Details on this website. You can also follow us @RdgHydro and join our Facebook group

  2. Well done. Would be very interested in investing on a small scale if an opportunity arrows. Have you looked at Osney Island hydro Oxford. Well done again. Hope more communities along any river would do the same.

    1. Thank you. So much to do to make it happen, and this is a major milestone. We are trying to learn from others who have done the same and try new things too.

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