Who we are

Reading Hydro CBS is made up of members and directors

Reading Hydro is a Community Benefit Society (CBS). This means that we’re a democratic co-operative that serves our community. Our profits go to the community as well. You can find out more here about community benefit societies.

Our members are ordinary people enthused about the project who have paid a pound to join the group. They all have one vote at our AGMs and as well as supporting in raising awareness they (and others) are most welcome to participate in regular members’ meetings and Action Evenings where we work on practical activities to move Reading Hydro forward.

The directors are also members, but they’ve decided to take on more responsibility in particular areas and have stood for election at our AGM. They meet regularly to make sure everything is going properly to plan.

Current directors of Reading Hydro Community Benefit Society

Anne Wheldon, Sarah Rigby, Sophie Fenwick-Paul, Tony Cowling, Anthony Simpson and Erica Purvis.

Members and Supporters

Reading Hydro  has a growing number of active members and wider supporters, from in and around Reading, with lots of different backgrounds and reasons for getting involved.

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What Reading Hydro means to our Supporters

“A chance to get involved with green energy on my doorstep and feel I’m making a difference.”  Chris V, post-graduate student

It makes great sense to re-engage the power of the river at Caversham Weir. It’s been used here for much of the last 1000 years, so let’s harness it again!” Sophie Fenwick-Paul, Chair

“It’s important to move to more sustainable ways of energy production and living – having a hydro scheme so central to Reading will be great in showing what’s possible through practical action!” Erica Purvis, TechnicalNature