Membership of the Community Benefit Society

Show your support, start getting in the loop with what we’re doing and get a vote at our AGM.

If you want to get stuck in to Reading Hydro this is the first step so sign-up for membership here!

To become a member is easy, you’ll need:

  • to be enthused about the Hydro project and support our Community Benefit objectives
  • pay a pound to apply to become a member
  • support in raising awareness
  • respect the confidential nature of business decisions of the Society.

This will give you one vote at our AGMs and futhermore (alongside other benefits of membership) are most welcome to participate in regular members’ meetings and Action Evenings where we work on practical activities to move Reading Hydro forward.

To become a member, the easiest way is to come along to one of our next open Action Evenings or advertised events that we’ll be at.

If you sign up for updates and indicate this on our contact form we’ll also get back to you to check what’s the best may to connect or if you have any questions.

Alongside all of this you may wish to stand as a director or join a particular team, such as Publicity, Fundraising, Technology etc

Our Directors take legal responsibility for the project and making sure it meets its aim.  The team of Directors are motivated, dedicated and reliable. Many of them have expertise in relevant areas.

Particular expertise we’re looking to develop further here is in finance and tehcnical engineering management of similar types of schemes. If you’re interested, get in touch using our contact page or email